Our Expertise

  • Aspiring to set-up your business in DUBAI
  • ThoughtLabz FZE offers a comprehensive company registration services to help you establish your business in UAE and smoothen your operation.
  • Get an instant business license.
  • We help in ENHANCING your company’s Technical Market presence by analyzing your technical infrastructure, goals and areas of improvement
  • We will articulate effective business strategies to enable your digital transformation
  • We AIM to assist you to enable the gap between WHERE you are and WHERE you want to be on the DIGITAL ECOSPHERE

Process Consulting:

  • Process Improvements - Planning, Organising and Monitoring
  • Provide necessary synergy to make breakthrough improvements to achieve Process Goals and Objectives

Project Consulting:

  • Due - Diligence for product sourcing
  • Manufacturing Joint Ventures and Partnerships
  • Organization strategic restructuring

HR Consulting:

  • Hiring & Staffing
  • Employee life cycle management - from ON-boarding to Retirement
  • Corporate HR Services (from Events to CSR initiatives)

Legal Consulting:

  • Employer - Employee engagement agreements and compliances
  • Corporate Compliances
  • Advice in Analysing and Addressing Corporate Legal Challenges
  • Corporate Legal Representation
  • Exclusive World Standard Products
  • Intercontinental Franchise Opportunities
  • Independent Distributor Model
  • Start-Up model
  • A Thoughtlabz Consulting FZE Initiative Is Focused Primarily In International Trade Of Natural Metal & Non Metal Ores, Commodities & GemStones.
  • Headquartered Out Of Ajman, UAE, We Are Strategically Located Right Across The AJMAN Port, With An Advantage To Cover The South-East Asian, Middle East, African And European Markets
  • In today’s world, the perfect gateway to global commerce lies in innovation, diversification and reinvention from time to time.
  • Each day, we strive to penetrate the global commodities markets and leave a lasting impression. In strict adherence to the policies and guidelines of International Chambers of Commerce (ICC)

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